Mouth dissolving strips / Oral Thin Films / Orally disintegrating strips /Fast dissolving strips (MDS/OTF/ODS/FDS)

MDS/OTF/ODS/FDS are drug delivery systems that they are quickly releasing the drug by dissolving or adhering in the mucosa with saliva within a few seconds due to it contains water-soluble polymers when it placed in the mouth cavity or on the tongue.


Advantages over other dosage forms

  • Does not require water use

  • Can be used safely even when access to water is not possible (such as travel)

  • No risk of suffocation

  • Improved stability

  • Easy application to mental and incompatible patients (e.g.old age patients)

  • There is little or no residue in the mouth after application

  • Bypasses the gastrointestinal tract and thus increasing bioavailability

  • Can be effective in low dosage due to high bioavailability  

  • It provides more accurate dosage when compared to liquid dosage forms

  • No need to measure, which is an important disadvantage in liquid dosage forms

  • Leaves a good feeling in the mouth due to variety of flavours 

  • Provides rapid onset of effects in conditions requiring urgent intervention, for example, allergic attacks such as asthma and intraoral diseases

  • Improves the absorption rate and amount of drugs

  • Negligible weight & compact form boosts portability for on-the-move dosing

  • Child-friendly mouth dissolving strips are useful for dosing toddlers & kids

  • Due to various flavours children would love to take medicine just like candy and chocolate 

  • Can be easily administered to uncooperative, difficult-to-dose patients

  • No added sugar 

  • Low on calories 

  • Lactose and gluten free

  • Easy to carry 

  • No side effect like acidity and ulcer